[Extra_Script.py Question] How to create a symlink to the compiled binary?

I am attempting to create a post:extra_script.py file that creates a symlink to the compiled program in the build directory.

I know that the environment variable I want is called PROJECT_DIR but I cannot figure out how to grab it.

This is what I have at the moment:

from pathlib import Path
Import("env", "projenv")

# Dump construction environment (for debug purpose)
# print(env.Dump())

# Dump project construction environment (for debug purpose)
# print(projenv.Dump())

print("Current CLI targets", COMMAND_LINE_TARGETS)
print("Current Build targets", BUILD_TARGETS)

def post_program_action(source, target, env):
    print("Program has been built!")
    program_path = target[0].get_abspath()
    print("Program path = ", program_path)
    # Use case: sign a firmware, do any manipulations with ELF, etc
    # env.Execute(f"sign --elf {program_path}")

    project_path = source[0].get_abspath()
    print("Project path = ", project_path)
    p = Path(PROJECT_DIR + "/TestTarget")

env.AddPostAction("$PROGPATH", post_program_action)

Comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Do you mean?

p = Path(env.subst("PROJECT_DIR") / "TestTarget")