Evolving Air105 support

The Air105 sort of appeared as a STM32F103 clone and then actually wasn’t.
But it has good performance and a quite low price point in its own right.

I think competition is good, it feels like the Air105 et al could give ESP32 a run for some of its money if they could be easily used through PlatformIO. How much work, and what work, would you think would be needed to make it good enough?

Lucas Teske has managed to get a bare-bones variant running and has even began with a PlatformIO board definition (GitHub - racerxdl/platformio-air105: AIR105 MH1903 for Platform.io (WIP)).
He describes what he has done and how it is used here: Usage and hardware setup · Issue #1 · racerxdl/air105-uploader · GitHub

I have tried combining with the arduino framework (it sort of looks like that could work in the board definition), but so far with no luck. A bare metal implementation would not be impossible to use as I actually have implemented some of the framework functionality myself, however I seems like the build scripts don’t include lib_extra_dirs and so on. Or seems like, those build scripts aren’t among my strengths.

So what you’re asking, can we create a Arduino framework for the Air105 board? Or how to get GitHub - stm32duino/Arduino_Core_STM32: STM32 core support for Arduino running on it because you think it may be compatible?

Either or, I don’t know which would be easier, probably getting STM32 core working i suppose.
I don’t know how compatible it is with STM32, but given that its sister product is, it would seem a logical route to go. I’ll try and run with stm32duino and see what fails.

If Air105 / Air32F103 - New chinese arm chips - Page 1 is to be believed, then the Air105 is not STM compatible at all.

Beyond https://wiki.luatos.com/chips/air105/hardware.html I can’t even get a detailed datasheet or reference manual of the chip, i.e., what the peripheral addresses and registers are etc.

Same on the supposed MH1903 core the Air105 supposedly either is or is built on, all links on MCU MEGAHUNT First Class General Agent - SRAM_SRAM chip_MRAM_PSRAM_everspin_netsol_JSC_Ramsun Micro-electronincs are just 404s.

So I don’t think any STM32 Arduino core firmware can run on it at all and a custom core would have to be created. Which is not a light undertaking.

Yeah, there are certainly weaknesses in the documentation. :slight_smile:
What I was talking about was that Lucas Teske had created a board definition that at least seem to work with some bare metal code (link above: GitHub - racerxdl/platformio-air105: AIR105 MH1903 for Platform.io (WIP)).

What I am after is if he seem to have done enough to have something to build upon.
The chip seems promising, and seem to be well-built. I like its design in many ways.

But maybe it’s not worth being trailblazers in this case, I don’t know.