Espressif32 debug_tool jlink, no tool-jlink folder

PlatformIO Home 3.1.0-rc.2 Core 4.1.1b9
Windows 10, Visuial Studio Code


i try to debug an esp32dev board on the platform espressif32 with Segger Jlink.
But the JLink Debugger is not found.
The espressif32 Version 1.11.1 does not have the tool-jlink package listed, but this is needed to get the packages/tool-jlink folder, isn´t it?

How to setup the jlink tool?



I think PlatformIO uses openocd when you specify jlink as your debugger tool. (i.e. debug_tool = jlink in your platformio.ini), so I don’t know when the tool-jlink package is used. But it does exist in the packages list.

Edit: Also see the last post in this thread - Espressif32 debug_tool jlink, no tool-jlink folder - #6 by lumax

Hello pfeerick,
yes, the tool-jlink package does exist and it is listed for the platform Atmel SAM for example.
An example project for platform Atmel SAM behaves as expected, tool-jlink is downloaded and so on.
But the platform espressif32 does not list this package and this is a bug, i am afraid.
Or isn´t it?



Someone more familiar with the debugging side of PIO will have to answer you on that one - as I don’t have a segger jlink so can’t even begin to answer that one from first-hand knowledge.

In principle I agree with you, as even though it seems PIO uses openocd when jlink is specified as the debug_tool, the tools-jlink software/driver package isn’t installed, which you would have thought was needed across the board for any platforms that use it as the debugger.

Please show your platformio.ini file and the full log with the error message. Then I’ll look into it.

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I think PlatformIO uses openocd when you specify jlink as your debugger tool

With the Zadig WinUSB driver instead of the segger tools the jlink is working now.

No need for tool-jlink package.
Here is the platformio.ini:

platform = espressif32
board = esp32dev
framework = arduino
debug_tool = jlink
upload_protocol = jlink

Thank you for your efforts.