ESPAsync_WiFiManager. Hard time to understand and use

I’m trying to use ESPAsync_WiFiManager. I’ve chosen to include Async_AutoConnectWithFeedback example in my code.

First it has connected to my office’s network without going through the “Config Portal”. Probably it took some piece of information from my own code.

The library mentions that “Config Portal” might be called by pressing a button connected to ESP32, but I haven’t found any I/O input reading that could trigger this feature.

Next I found this among the instructions in setup() block:

//reset settings - for testing
// ESPAsync_wifiManager.resetSettings();

Then I’ve uncommented it and flashed it again. Now, during startup it reports via Serial:

Starting Async_AutoConnectWithFeedBack using SPIFFS on TTGO LoRa32-OLED v2.1.6
ESPAsync_WiFiManager v1.9.3
[WM] RFC925 Hostname = AutoConnectWithFeedBack
[WM] setSTAStaticIPConfig
[WM] Set CORS Header to : Your Access-Control-Allow-Origin
ESP Self-Stored: SSID = 0, Pass = 0
[WM] * Add SSID = 0 , PW = 0
Got ESP Self-Stored Credentials. Timeout 120s for Config Portal
[WM] LoadWiFiCfgFile
[WM] stationIP = , gatewayIP =
[WM] netMask =
[WM] dns1IP = , dns2IP =
Got stored Credentials. Timeout 120s for Config Portal
Current Timezone is not set. Enter Config Portal to set.
ConnectMultiWiFi in setup
[WM] ConnectMultiWiFi with :
[WM] * Flash-stored Router_SSID = 0 , Router_Pass = 0
[WM] * Add SSID = 0 , PW = 0
[WM] Connecting MultiWifi…
[E][WiFiMulti.cpp:191] run(): [WIFI] no matching wifi found!
[WM] WiFi not connected
ets Jun 8 2016 00:22:57

rst:0xc (SW_CPU_RESET),boot:0x13 (SPI_FAST_FLASH_BOOT)

And it keeps reseting time after time. Shouldn’t it open the Config Portal and ask for network credentials?

Please help.

Hi - I don’t know if your problem is solved - but in the meantime you might find this interresting:

Hope this helps…