Espalexa PIO library not updating to 2.5.0

Hi, I am a newbie.

I installed the Espalexa library in PlatformIO but it does not update to the latest version 2.5.0.

This is what it shows in PIO :
Espalexa by Christian Schwinne
Library to control an ESP module with the Alexa voice assistant

          Library Dependencies platformio.ini
          The PlatformIO Registry is fully compatible with **Semantic Versioning and its "version" scheme <major>.<minor>.<patch>**. You can declare library dependencies in "platformio.ini" configuration file using lib_deps option.
          # platformio.ini – project configuration file
          framework = arduino
          lib_deps =
            **aircoookie/Espalexa @ 0.0.0-alpha+sha.09981160b5**      

You mean you registered it?

The repository has a library.json so information will be sourced from there instead of the

And that file has no version info (docs)

so the PlatformIO crawler will also not update the version info.

This is being discussed in PlatformIO not updating to 2.5.0 · Issue #157 · Aircoookie/Espalexa · GitHub now.

@ivankravets could you please have a short look at why this library is not updating? The version field was added 5 days ago (PlatformIO not updating to 2.5.0 · Issue #157 · Aircoookie/Espalexa · GitHub) but the library is still stuck at the old git version (PlatformIO Registry)

There is no valid JSON in the tagged release GitHub - Aircoookie/Espalexa at v2.5.0

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