esp8266WebServer listening to both ap and station interfaces

Hi, i’ve been serving a light web application for a while now in ap+station mode with my esp8266, but i had no router so i never used it through the station interface, now i realize tht web server is not listening at port 80. I’ve seen work around for this issue by adding a different server listening to station interface ip on a different port and i have not been able to make any of them work. Anyway, that workaround is not ideal for me, so ill like to know if someone has been able to pull this through listening to the same port in both interfaces, It has to be possible, i mean, it is possible to ping to the ip when connected to the ap or to the same network wich it connects in station mode; and is my understending ping is just another request. If anyone can help, even with a minimal clue ill apreciate it