Esp8266 rtos sdk & ota


I am trying to build an ESP8266 app based on the RTOS SDK framework using platformio on Atom. I would like my app to work with pushed OTA updates (using the upload_port with the IP address of the chip command in platformio ini), since I find the board much easier to update.

However, looking at the builder folder, where main py is located for the 8266, I noticed that it doesn’t look like OTA is supported in the code inside for this specific framework. I have very limited knowledge of python, but from what I can read neither the build nor the upload support OTA for the RTOS SDK, only for the arduino framework. Was anybody successful into compiling a user1/user2 bin file and uploading it to the chip?

I got as far as uploading a file to the chip using OTA by modifying, but I wasn’t able to compile a user1.bin using platformio :frowning: I tried all sorts of builder commands but I am always getting all sorts of errors

Any hints?