ESP32 with ESP-IDF: Build dependencies

how are build dependencies for the ESP-IDF frameworks computed? Currently using ESP-IDF in PlatformIO is rather annoying as building the whole IDF take ~5 minutes to compile. This would be fine, if it compiled once, however it recompiles on:

  • adding a file to a project (why? There is no dependency of IDF on project files)
  • modifying platformio.ini (it would be nice not to recompile if e.g. only upload or debug options are changed, however I get is is quite complicated)
  • IDE restart

Also, if a dependency is triggered, the whole IDF gets recompiled even it is not necessary (e.g., on modification of a header file).

Would it be possible to implement build dependencies properly or at least to disable build of some parts of IDF (e.g., bluetooh)?

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PlatformIO Core has incremental build system. It means that we don’t recompile whole project on the each change in a source file. There are only a few cases where we do full re-building:

If you change a project structure, we don’t know a real state of C/C++ Preprocessor which can lead to the problems if you use the same name for header file and move it between different levels.

Thank you for your response; I see that PlatformIO uses SCons to build projects, however, I think there is a wrong dependency in PlatformIO somewhere. Adding a file into a project should not reompile ESP-IDF as it does not depend on the user headers.