Esp32 wifi not conecting

I’m having this weird situation and maybe someone can bring me to light.

The same basic code to conect to wifi works fine when compiled and upload on my laptop with windows 8, but when compiled and uploaded on my pc with windows 10 the same code works but does not conect to wifi, just infinite loop trying to conect.

I don’t think is a windows version problem, what could it be?

Are they both using the same PlatformIO version and platform-espressif32 version? Use the CLI and execute pio upgrade --dev and pio platform update espressif32 to do a quick update.

If it still does not behave the same, upload the WiFiScan.ino sketch on the ESP32.
When the ESP32 is placed in the exact same physical spot, does it see the WiFi only when the sketch was uploaded from one PC but not the other?