ESP32 suspected ram problem

For a few months I have been developing over the FreeRTOS/iot-reference-esp32c3 project. As noticed, the example uses a lot of heap since lots of tasks and buffers are declared.
I added an external PSRAM to our board expecting this would unload some of the internal ram usage. When enlarging the OTA buffers of the project, the esp32 starts disconnecting unexpectly (this behaviour is reported when esp32 is low on heap availabilty), so I suspect I’m not configuring the external RAM as expected or I’m not understanding its usage.

My current menuconfig for PSRAM configuration

Also have configured (Place on External PSRAM) wherever was available.

The PIO Inspect gives me:

Tried adding “EXT_RAM_ATTR” macro on the big symbols shown by the inspect but the RAM usage shows no change at all.

Any ideas how can I proceed? hopefully not decreasing the OTA buffers sizes.