ESP32 SmartConfig broken

I have a problem with smartconfig on my ESP32. It used to work before I switched toolchains.
Now, I have an issue where I can see that the ESP32 connects to wifi just fine (with debug output I can see it received the smartconfig information, connected to wifi and got ip address), but it doesn’t get the required SC_EVENT_SEND_ACK_DONE event to mark the smart config as done and let my app continue to run. So right now my app is blocked in

    while (!WiFi.smartConfigDone()) {

I’ve been trying to track down where that event should be sent but I believe this event comes from the binary libs espressif provides, please correct me if I’m wrong. Where (github project) should I let them know about this issue?

Thank you

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Does it work in the Arduino IDE + Arduino-ESP32 2.0.2 stable?

Yes, just tested it with Arduino IDE (2.0.0-rc3) and the esp32 library that came with it (2.0.2). And the same smartconfig code works

Same when you use

platform =

in the platformio.ini?

That one works! Interesting, did you see any recent changes to any smartconfig related stuff?

No, it was just a guess based on the releasepage Releases · tasmota/platform-espressif32 · GitHub and that they fixed a critical bug regarding broken String.replace. Though 2.0.2 ‘stable’ should have that too, so maybe it’s a change in how libraries are linked? No idea, really.