ESP32-IDF - missing files

Hello guys,

I have just tried Visual Code Studio + PlatformIO with the ESP32-IDF and found out that I could not compile the sample code due to the absence of:

1.) msys32 (it is not included inside the PlatformIO, had to manually download it myself)
2.) The file. (had to manually add it into the /main folder)
3.) The related automation scripts for “make all”, “make menuconfig” and such.
4.) The PlatformIO does not generate the /main folder inside - instead it is the /src, and that is also why it wouldn’t compile because ‘app_main’ isn’t found.

I have used this guide from a Japanese blog: http://fanoutsendai-yagiyama.blogspot.m … -grep.html (use a Google translate) and I managed to get it to compile.

Any way to inform the PlatformIO to fine tune these intergration? I feel that it is almost there, but that small problem could put off engineers and coders to work on the ESP32. A plug and play approach is more beneficial to us and it allows us to focus on the programming problem instead of just messing with the settings.

We don’t use make or etc. See project examples

Thanks. I was having the same problem. The examples in the github project you suggested build correctly and I was able to flash the esp32 board.

However, I don’t seem to understand the difference between esp-idf examples and this project. My concern is that I have some projects which I coded as per the esp-idf examples and libraries. Those libraries don’t seem to be available when I build them in PlatformIO. Could you please guide me in that regard.