ESP32 - Clean, Build, Upload button/menu items do all build, but not clean and not upload

Not sure what is wrong in my environment. I use PlatformIO without problems for ESP8266. After getting my first ESP32, I installed the platform Espressiff 32 (and Espressiff 32 (Stage)), added a new project, did some coding, setup platformio.ini then tried the build button. And it compiled. So I tried to upload the code to the ESP32. But it only builds the project, does not even try to upload it. I tried the Clean button, and again all that happens is that the project is build (and not cleaned up).

If I open the Terminal, change the path into my project folder and try platformio run --target clean the project is cleaned up. If I try platformio run --target upload the project is build and uploaded to the ESP32 and runs without problems.

Just when I try to perform the steps with the Clean/Build/Upload buttons or menu items, it always only builds.

Atom version: 1.19.3 ia21
PlatformIO version Home 0.3.0 Core 3.5.0a16
Espressif 32 version 0.10.0
Espressif 32 (Stage) version aba1d7d
OP: Windows XP

Update: Found out the following:
If I setup the project in the default project folder (C:\SPB_Data\Documents\PlatformIO\Projects…) the buttons work as expected.
If I use custom folder (B:\Projects\ESP32\TestBoard) the buttons do not work.

All my ESP8266 projects are in B:\Projects\ESP8266 and the buttons work as expected, only ESP32 platform has the problem.

Any idea?

Fixed in PIO IDE for Atom 2.0.0-rc.4. Please upgrade.