[ESP32] Cannot run simple Bluetooth acceptor example

I’m trying to run the Classic Bluetooth “acceptor” example:

With the same sdkconfig configuration settings as the example

I turn on the bluetooth in the phone. I select the ESP32 device. Then pop up a window with the pairing number.

At the same time this windows pops up, in the terminal i receive the following message:
W (162921) BT_HCI: hcif conn complete: hdl 0x80, st 0x0
W (162940) BT_HCI: hcif link supv_to changed: hdl 0x80, supv_to 8000

As soon as I pair the devices in the phone, the authentication is succesfull, but i receive the following message in the terminal:
W (245220) BT_HCI: hci cmd send: disconnect: hdl 0x80, rsn:0x13
W (245296) BT_HCI: hcif disc complete: hdl 0x80, rsn 0x16

And the connection process stops there. The connection proccess cannot complete
The serial port callback never reach the state: ESP_SPP_SRV_OPEN_EVT (SPP Server connection open)

I think i had this same issue months ago. I think was related with HCI. Now i have a fresh installation, with the latest ESP-IDF version. ESP-IDF works fine. VSCode works fine.

I tried with this configuration:

And also tried with HCI instead of PCM

I tested both ESP32 WROOM 32 and ESP32 PICO MINI 02 and their behaviour is slightly different
ESP32 WROOM 32 not even pair
ESP32 PICO MINI 02 pair and disconnect, like the pictures above

Seems like you’re using the ESP-IDF extension in VSCode, not PlatformIO, right?