ESP32 - Boards with 320KB or 520KB

I’ve noticed Espressif 32 — PlatformIO latest documentation that while most of the boards are advertised with 320KB some are advertised with 520KB. I can find the same details in the %HOME%.platformio\platforms\espressif32\boards*.json

But from Espressif documents, all ESP32 (excluding -S2, -C3) have 520KB total SRAM with a maximum of 200KB+128KB of data RAM and 128KB+192KB instruction RAM.
Except for cases with PSRAM, I don’t understand why some boards are listed with 320KB and some with 520KB.
Is this a error where some are listing only max data SRAM and other are listing full SRAM ?

Thanks to anyone that can clarify.

I think people just copy the information from the vendor there and they say 520KByte RAM, which is technically true but as you’ve already said it’s split into IRAM and DRAM (also discussed in Available SRAM in ESP-WROOM32). Some board definitions are merged from external pull-requests (example).

The only two boards listed as 520Kbyte are AZ-Delivery ESP-32 Dev Kit C V4 and the M5Stack GREY ESP32.

The latter contains, per schematics, a ESP32-D0WDQ6 chip, which in its datasheet states a 520KByte total SRAM. Pretty much all the other boards with that chip are listed as 320KByte in PlatformIO, refering to their DRAM. So, it’s just for a board definition error in those 2 (of 76 total) I think. boards

→ Issue to Issues · platformio/platform-espressif32 · GitHub or PR there would be good so that devs can address this.

Thanks for confirmation of my thoughts
I will do as your suggestion