ESP32 Arduino Framework, specify a custom bootloader.bin

Is there a way to specify a custom bootloader to upload instead of the ones in framework-arduinoespressif32/tools/sdk/bin ? I have a booloader with CONFIG_BOOTLOADER_SKIP_VALIDATE_IN_DEEP_SLEEP set, and all logging turned off (reduces deep sleep awakening time to about 86ms), and I like to have upload that instead of one of the canned ones. The only way I can kind of do it is to specify a new packages_dir in platform.ini, and copy my bootloader to packages_dir/framework-arduinoespressif32/tools/sdk/bin/bootloader_qio_40m.bin, and then (with board_build.flash_mode = qio in the platform.ini to point to the qio version of the bootloader) the build scripts will upload my copy of the bootloader. It would be a whole lot more straightforward to simply have something that points to a custom bootloader and will upload that, which is why I think there is probably some better way to do this.

I need to do the same. did you find any solution ?