ESP32 AP. To be or not to be?

Good day friends. I have a problem. I used to use the ESP 8266 un module I programmed it in the LUA language in the ESPlorer application. I created an access point and connected with a mobile application and performed various actions. Now I have become closely with ESP8266 and I begin to work with ESP32 in the design of PlatformIO. There was a problem: After creating an access point on ESP32 and connecting a mobile phone to this access point, an inscription appears on the mobile phone screen that there is no internet connection. My mobile app is not working. I see that it creates a connection and ESP32 sees a new client, but does not want to communicate.

All mobile phones check if the access point provides Internet. They do so by requesting specific URLs. Here are URLs for Marshmallow and KitKat. I think iPhones do the same thing.

To make your phone think there’s Internet connection in your AP, you should run DNS server on ESP32 to resolve needed host names to AP’s IP address, and HTTP server to respond on specific URLs with the expected content.

The same thing applies to ESP8266, I don’t know why your phone didn’t complain then.