ESP-NOW fail on adding peer


I’m not sure if this is the correct location for this post. I’ve also posted on Espressif.

I’m using the ESP8266 with Arduino core on platformIO.

I’m using ESP-NOW in controller mode. WiFi set to station mode.

ESP initiates fine and sets the role fine.

When I try to add a peer using the receiver’s MAC address I’m finding that it will fail with a return value of -3.

esp_now_add_peer(receiversMAC, ESP_NOW_ROLE_SLAVE, _channelValue, NULL, 0);

However this only happens with certain addresses e.g. (hex).

As the receiver is using soft AP so I can set the receiver address as required.

wifi_set_macaddr(SOFTAP_IF, thisDeviceMAC);

As anyone experienced this? Kind regards,