ESP-IDF 3.0 release

Hi everyone!

As you may now, stable 3.0 release of ESP-IDF is out.
I don´t see Platformio updating the framework to 3.0… Do you now if is there any ETA for this framework update?

Thanks in advance!

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Has there been any word yet on this from PlaformIO? It would be most helpful to have the latest ESP-IDF incorporated into PlantformIO.

Thanks to anyone who can help accomplish this.

Can´t wait, so in the meantime:


Our team works on ESP-IDF 3.0 and we will announce support very soon. Also, the next update will bring full support for PIO Unified Debugger and upcoming huge update for PIO + VSCode. See attach below :blush:

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@ivankravets That´s really good news!
Looking forward to try it!



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