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Error publishing library

Hello, I can’t publish my library to the PIO registry. This is what I’ve done following the docs:

First I run:
pio package publish

The command returned successfully. See the output:

Preparing a package...
Type:     library
Owner:    asl
Name:     IoTeX-blockchain-client
Version:  0.1.2
Are you sure you want to publish the library asl/IoTeX-blockchain-client@0.1.2 to the registry?
 [y/N]: y
The package has been accepted. We will notify you on email when process it.

But then I received an email with the following. The library has not been published, but there are no errors:

Hi asl!

We could not process your submitted package at 2021-12-02 12:37:35 from with SHA-256 (c25ea96b61f399f009c77beadcd167348af44d93048359136e279deafdce4c13) due to the next issue:

Maybe @ivankravets can help here.

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    "repository": {
      "type": "git",
      "url": ""

Please fix it to a valid repository URL.