Error: 'HTTPClient' has not been declared

Hi everyone,

Im new and I want to run in platform IO but error was found.
Log > Link
Platform.ini > Link
I try to remove .pio folder and complie again but it not work

Thank you

I would think since HTTPUpdate, where the error is first indicated at line 186

C:\Users\WC-Aeuw\.platformio\packages\framework-arduinoespressif32\libraries\HTTPUpdate\src\HTTPUpdate.h:85:38: error: 'HTTPClient' has not been declared 

is a ESP32 Arduino core provided library, you should not be including HTTPClient not once but twice… i.e. remove HTTPClient and arduino-libraries/ArduinoHttpClient from your platformio.ini and see what happens now?

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Thank you pfeerick.

After remove HTTPClient and arduino-libraries/ArduinoHttpClient then delete .pio folder error show below

.pio/libdeps/esp32dev/ThingsBoard/src/ThingsBoard.h:11:31: fatal error: ArduinoHttpClient.h: No such file or directory

And this is result after remove only HTTPClient
Log > Link
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All error was founded after add library ThingsBoard.

Thank you

And now it’s saying

In file included from src\main.cpp:4:0:
C:/Users/WC-Aeuw/.platformio/packages/framework-arduinoespressif32/libraries/HTTPUpdate/src/HTTPUpdate.h:85:38: error: 'HTTPClient' has not been declared      

Given that the dependency tree is looking like this

|   |   |-- <HTTPUpdate> 1.3
|   |   |   |-- <ArduinoHttpClient> 0.4.0
|   |   |   |-- <Update> 1.0
|   |   |   |-- <WiFi> 1.0

… given that HTTPUpdate is a ESP32 Arduino core provided library… I don’t think it should not be listing ArduinoHttpClient, but HttpClient. Without the source code to try out, and since I’m going to bed, I can’t do much now anyway, but it seems like you can’t use HttpUpdate in conjunction with the ThingsBoard library since it has a dependency onf ArduinoHttpClient. Maybe fiddling with the LDF modes might help PlatformIO make sense of it, or maybe it is a clash with object names or something.

I have the same issue occasionally.

Any good solutions?