Error during package publishing

I have created a library, created a manifest and tried to publish it in the Registry with pio pkg publish. In a few minutes I got an email with text^
We could not process your submitted package at <…> due to the next issue:

'example' is an invalid keyword argument for ExampleFile

I have reviewed all files and can’t find any mentions ‘example’. What does this message mean?

Are you sure the examples declaration is right in reference to


As for me, this section is correct:

"examples": [
            "name": "MultiDevices",
            "base": "examples/MultiDevices",
            "files": ["MultiThermometers.cpp"]

Moreover, I found that it is warning and my package is successfully published

If it’s a problem you want to get to the bottom too, I think you’ll need to talk to @ivankravets here.

It was some problem on Platformio side. Fixed. Thank’s @ivankravets