Error: analogSetSamples and analogSetCycles not declared in scope

Hi all, having issues with compiling. I can compile and upload code onto esp32 just find through arduino IDE. However, when using platformio with the following ini i receive the errors that in my void setup…

error: ‘analogSetCycles’ was not declared in this scope.
error: 'analogSetSamples was not declared in this scope.

ini is


platform = espressif32

board = heltec_wifi_lora_32_V2

framework = arduino

lib_deps =

heltecautomation/Heltec ESP32 Dev-Boards@1.1.0

I guess that in the Arduino IDE, you’re using the dedicated “Heltec ESP32 Series Dev-Boards” core per

PlatformIO uses the verbatim Arduino-ESP32 core, not Heltec’s fork, so some functions may be unavailable.