Donations are they still working?

Is the donation thing still a thing?

I’m not really needed the subscription based features but would like to contribute nonetheless for all your hard work!


The main aim of PIO Plus is to make some money and keep active development for both projects (PIO Open Source & Plus). It doesn’t matter will you use PIO Plus features or not. If you use PIO Open Source and have wish to support us, you can subsribe to PIO Plus Basic and cancel after a few months. If your donation is less than $10, we have separate Donation page.

Finally, if current PIO Plus price isn’t good for you, please contact me and I give you discount.

P.S: We tested “donation model” for ~1 year. It doesn’t work. That is why PIO Plus was launched.
P.S.S: I’ve just finished issue #825 related to incremental project synchronization Over-The-Air between Client/Agent. I hope that will release 0.6.0 version today.

Thats great thanks for the info, I just wanted to ask.

I’ll sign up to the basic for a while :slight_smile:

RE incremental sync, that is great :slight_smile: thanks

Thanks a lot that subscribed to PIO Plus! :wink: