Does the Arduino WiFi library has a ringbuffer?

AFAIK the Arduino WiFi library [GitHub - arduino-libraries/WiFi: WiFi Library for Arduino] does not contain a ringbuffer library.
Stil the Dependancy Graph seems to report just that:
Scanning dependencies…
Dependency Graph
|-- <ESP_VS1053_Library> 1.1.2
| |-- <SPI 1.0
|-- <WiFi 1.0
| |-- <ringbuffer
|-- <ringbuffer
|-- <SPI 1.0
|-- <wificonfig
|-- <wireconfig
|-- <helpers
What is going on here?
[I have to remove the “>” signs to to get the text into this editor]

Could you please post the dependency graph as it appears when doing a “Verbose Build” (see project tasks)?

It should show the exact path of the included ringbuffer library.

Then please post what files are contained in the displayed path.

I have a suspicion that the ringbuffer library overlaps in one header file name with what the WiFi.h library uses and thus an inclusion is detected