Does PlatformIO support folder names in the include lines? I.e., #include <foldername/header.h>

I am trying to integrate thrift into my project but the generated files use #include lines have folder names in their relative paths. I.e,

#include <thrift/TDispatchProcessor.h>

How can I get these lines to compile? My project is structured like:

| |–thrift
| | TDispatchProcessor.h
|- platformio.ini
|- main.c
|- Calculator.cpp. <— this file contains the include line

The error message I get is

In file included from src/thriftgen/gen-cpp/Calculator.cpp:7:0:
src/thriftgen/gen-cpp/Calculator.h:10:39: fatal error: thrift/TDispatchProcessor.h: No such file or directory

So can I get PlatformIO to build with these folder names in the include lines, or should I write a script to remove them? They are generated by thrift, so I am stuck with them, or with removing them each time I generate.

See how does library should be organized.

Also, you can create library.json manifest and configure build field with your extra includes.