Does `pio library search` tool uses pre-loaded libraries or pull data from web?

Is list of libraries is fixed for a given version of PlatfromIO CLI or it is separate and can be changed independently from CLI version?

All pio lib search does is call the online library search API implemented on this website. It does not contain a hardcoded list.

Is there a way to set page size in cli? It returns only 10 elements in a request

The command accepts a page number via --page and by default interactively displays all results after pressing y. It also accepts --noninteractive to display everything with a delay. I don’t know if the API itselfs supports a controllable perpage parameter though, you would need to ask @ivankravets

I need to do it programmatically and in JSON format. Documentation does not describe this parameter and page size 10 is too small, I will have to do ~100 requests to server to load all the libs let’s say for arduino/atmelvar combination