Does library need modification?

Should that not work by just doing

#include "HardwareSerialRS485/HardwareSerialRS485.h"

if the repo is in lib/HardwareSerialRS485 ?

Just clone this library to lib folder and #include <HardwareSerialRS485.h> in the source code.

P.S: @valeros will add this library to our Library Registry. See New library HardwareSerialRS485 · Issue #42 · platformio/platformio-libmirror · GitHub

In file included from src/main.cpp:22:0:
.pioenvs/nanoatmega328/HardwareSerialRS485/HardwareSerialRS485.h:36:35: fatal error: utility/Messagefilter.h: No such file or directory
#include “utility/Messagefilter.h”
compilation terminated.


So I guess it’s not just as easy :frowning:

Please read carefully how to use “lib” folder in the project.

I’ve just tested this library and it works. See test log.

Hi @Endre_Tk I’ve just added this library to PlatformIO Library Manager.
Try it via platformio lib install 225