Documentation custom boards / platforms

Can you extend the documentation with a list of options and command which are available
when creating a new boards. e.g. a list of upload commands …

Could you explain in details which options are not documented? They depend on the development platform, board and type of uploader.

The custom boards have following key fields: build, framework, platform and upload.
The questions is what contents the fields can have in detail. framework and platform are clear,
but what are the options for build and upload? So, as a beginner I’m missing detailed informations.

Thanks, I got you. Please open an issue here Issues · platformio/platformio-core · GitHub

I’m having the same experience. As a total new who wants to start out using a custom board based on the ESP32-WROOM-32 module I really just don’t understand the whole picture. This post gives me a tiny glimps into the reason I don’t understand which is that I’m looking in the platformio documentation for the available options but it sounds like I should be looking in ESP-IDF documentation. Is that correct?

Why make a custom board definition at all? For the ESP32, due to not having a billion different type of chips, you can in pretty much all cases re-use the board definitions of generic dev boards which have the same chip. For the WROOM-32 e.g., the board esp32dev. Note the additional configuration options.