Developing with mbed framework

I would like to use the Platform IO for local development using the mbed framework.

I can connect this framework “out of the box” , but unfortunately after the firmware compilation - it’s not included MBED library. For example, if I make the firmware via online MBED compiler - firmware size is obtained more than 300 kb, after similar compilation Platform IO - size similar firmware obtained less than 60 kb.

How to solve this problem and add mbed libraries?

Is anything missing? I mean, does the code work when uploaded?

I don’t know internals of online compiler, but I don’t have problems with local compilation for mbed framework (apart of some library issues, but that’s completely another story).

After the firmware update, I tried to run at least some process to understand, whether established or not firmware is running - write data to a serial port, flash light or run BLE Service.

For experimentation I use another platform Seeed Arch BLE, which is closest to Seeed Tiny BLE. As i understand i have to add new platform to find out working this or not?