Deprecated conversion from string constant to 'char*'


I am using Ubidots to visualize data from NodeMCU devices. Everything works fine, but I really would like to get rid of a warning I get:

deprecated conversion from string constant to 'char*' [-Wwrite-strings]

Library: GitHub - ubidots/ubidots-esp8266: Library for uploading ESP8266 devices to Ubidots

Using Ubidot’s library is very simple (API documentation), this is an example:

#include "UbidotsMicroESP8266.h"
#define TOKEN  "Your_token_here"  // Put here your Ubidots TOKEN
#define WIFISSID "Your_WiFi_SSID"
#define PASSWORD "Your_WiFi_Password"

Ubidots client(TOKEN);

void setup(){
    client.wifiConnection(WIFISSID, PASSWORD);
void loop(){
    float value = analogRead(A0);
    float value2 = analogRead(A1);
    float value3 = analogRead(A2);
    client.add("Temperature", value);
    client.add("Humidity", value2);
    client.add("Heat Index", value3);

I get the warning at “Ubidots client(TOKEN);” and for every line where I use “client.add(“variable”, value);”.

Is this a problem of Ubidot’s library or can I solve it within Platformio?


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