Dependencies of local library are not installed automatically

In my project, I have this /lib/messages/library.json file, which specifies two libraries that are available from the main platformio page:

	"name": "messages",
	"build": {
		"extraScript": ""
	"dependencies": [
			"name": "nanopb-arduino",
			"version": "1.0.0"
			"name": "PacketIO",
			"version": "0.1.0"

But when I try to build, I get the error

$ pio run
Looking for dependencies...
Error: Could not find `nanopb-arduino` dependency for `messages` library

If I run pio lib install nanopb-arduino, then I get the same error for PacketIO

Why are these dependencies not installed automatically?

If it’s worth anything, my root platformio file contains no lib_deps, as I assumed these would be found from the nested libraries

PIO installs dependencies only when does it a first time. I mean, when you use pio lib install

pio lib install $what?

pio lib install messages doesn’t work, because this isn’t a published library.

Do I have to read the library.json file by hand, and then do pio lib install for each dependency?

Perhaps a better question to ask - is putting library.json files inside local libraries in lib an intentional feature?

I don’t remember, but I added support to install a library from a local path. See docs

platformio lib [STORAGE_OPTIONS] install file://<folder>
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