Debugging reading SamD21 TC3 using Black magic probe

I am using a Arduino MkrFox1200 connected to StlinkV2 programmed as a Black Magic Probe (BMP). The debugger works great but I have been trying use the debugger to monitor the configuration of TC3 peripheral while stepping through the code.

The question is what am i missing? The peripherals registers in the peripherals window do not appear to reflect the changes implemented in the code. If I read the registers in to a variable and set a breakpoint on it i can see the registers has been written correctly… is this expected behaviour is so could someone explain why?

I’ve seen the peripheral register view not updating automatically unless I collapse and expand the peripheral again to do a refresh. Does that help?

Many thanks that seems to do it. What I find a little odd is is that some of the other peripherals don’t require the collapsing and reopening. This makes me feel that there is something different about the TC peripherals?

Can you post a minimal platformio.ini and code that reproduces the problem to Issues · platformio/platformio-vscode-ide · GitHub so that they can investigate the issue?