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Debugging Problems

I have been trying for several days now to set up debugging for esp32 boards. I have tried both an ftdi mini-module and an esp-prog board. I have changed computers and tried and tried different combinations of esp32 (pico and wroom-32) and jtag (ftdi and esp-prog) boards. This would suggest a setup error. I’ve searched the community forum. I’ve done all the usual checks. I have: checked, rechecked and re-setup the wiring numerous times and verified against several tutorials and the original datasheets. TCK - IO13, TDI-IO12, TDO - IO15, TMS - IO14; plus GND - GND; set up winusb on the ftdi and esp-prog channel 0; tried shorter cables, reduced the adapter speed etc., tried different configuration files etc; used different laptops but all to no avail, checked the debug-tool setting in platform.ini. So I am really at a loss of what to try next.

Any thoughts would be very much appreciated.

Below is a short extract of the error log:

Info : FreeRTOS creation
adapter speed: 20000 kHz

Info : tcl server disabled
Info : telnet server disabled
Info : ftdi: if you experience problems at higher adapter clocks, try the command "ftdi_tdo_sample_edge falling"
Info : clock speed 20000 kHz
Error: JTAG scan chain interrogation failed: all ones
Error: Check JTAG interface, timings, target power, etc.
Error: Trying to use configured scan chain anyway...
Error: esp32.cpu0: IR capture error; saw 0x1f not 0x01
Warn : Bypassing JTAG setup events due to errors
Info : accepting 'gdb' connection from pipe
Warn : No symbols for FreeRTOS!
Error: Target not examined yet
Error executing event gdb-attach on target esp32.cpu0:

Error: Target not halted
Error: auto_probe failed
Error: Connect failed. Consider setting up a gdb-attach event for the target to prepare target for GDB connect, or use 'gdb_memory_map disable'.
Error: attempted 'gdb' connection rejected
Error: error during select: Unknown error
.pioinit:11: Error in sourced command file:
Remote communication error.  Target disconnected.: No error.

It’s still at 20MHz here.

Last time it was a bit fiddly to change the adapter speed – I’ll have a look again. Newer platform-espressif32 versions ignore the value written in the .cfg file because they issue an explicit -c set adapter_khz .. command in the openocd invocation.

I’ve opened to make this dynamically changable.

The only way to change it right now would be to modify the board’s JSON manifest file. E.g., when I use the platformio.ini

platform = espressif32
board = esp32dev
framework = arduino
upload_protocol = esp-prog

it uses C:\Users\<user>\.platformio\platforms\espressif32\boards\esp32dev.json and the debug attributes

Must be expanded with an entry "adapter_speed": 200" (to e.g. set it to 200kHz), while adding a comma to the entry before it.

  "debug": {
    "openocd_board": "esp-wroom-32.cfg",
    "adapter_speed" : 200

Then the openocd invocations are changed accordingly, example

openocd -d2 -s C:/Users/Max/.platformio/packages/tool-openocd-esp32/share/openocd/scripts -f interface/ftdi/esp32_devkitj_v1.cfg -f board/esp-wroom-32.cfg -c “adapter_khz 200” -c "program_esp {{.pio\build\esp32dev\firmware.bin}} 0x1000