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Debugging library with downloaded source

I find myself needing to trace code through the lwip library. The source is on GitHub but as a relative newcomer to PlatformIO I cannot figure out how to get the debugger to use the downloaded source.

I would appreciate any pointers as to how to get this done.

What’s the bug you’re getting?

When you use the debug sidebar → Debug it already sets up everything for you as far as it can, meaning if the framework only includes a precompiled version of lwip, like Arduino-ESP32 does, you cannot do source code debugging out of the box. Are you using Arduino or ESP-IDF?

Thank you @maxgerhardt,

I am trying to get an Arduino sketch to work where the ESP32 is both AP and STA, with the AP and the STA being on the same Wi-Fi network and with the same IP address. The ESP32 supports this because I have it working using at AT Command firmware. However, with the Arduino framework I know this is not enabled. I was recommended to use particular fork of the ESP32 core that has the feature enabled and was able to get it working, with one exception; for some reason I have to place a delay after setting the IP address of the STA. I would like to debug this issue and either come up with a work-around that doesn’t rely upon delays, or, find the issue and generate a PR into the fork.

I hope that helps you understand my challenge.