Debug_server options are not being seen

I am attempting to use the ti-icdi debugger on the EK-TM4C123GXL board. I am getting a warning that I should be using a different board configuration file which I tried to address in my platform.ini file but it looks like the platform.ini file is not being seen.

I am able to upload the firmware to my board, but I am not able to debug it.


[env: a]
platform = titiva
board = lptm4c123gh6pm
framework = arduino
debug_tool = ti-icdi
upload_protocol = ti-icdi
debug_server =


Verbose mode can be enabled via `-v, --verbose` option
PLATFORM: TI TIVA (3.0.1) > TI LaunchPad (Tiva C) w/ tm4c123 (80MHz)
DEBUG: Current (ti-icdi) On-board (ti-icdi)
 - framework-energiativa 1.10002.0 (1.0.2)
 - tool-openocd 2.1000.200630 (10.0)
 - toolchain-gccarmnoneeabi 1.40804.0 (4.8.4)
LDF: Library Dependency Finder ->
LDF Modes: Finder ~ chain, Compatibility ~ soft
Found 22 compatible libraries
Scanning dependencies...
No dependencies
Building in release mode
Checking size .pio\build\ a\firmware.elf
Advanced Memory Usage is available via "PlatformIO Home > Project Inspect"
RAM:   [          ]   1.6% (used 520 bytes from 32768 bytes)
Flash: [          ]   1.0% (used 2616 bytes from 262144 bytes)
Configuring upload protocol...
AVAILABLE: ti-icdi
CURRENT: upload_protocol = ti-icdi
Uploading .pio\build\ a\firmware.bin
xPack OpenOCD, x86_64 Open On-Chip Debugger 0.10.0+dev-00378-ge5be992df (2020-06-26-09:29)
Licensed under GNU GPL v2
For bug reports, read
debug_level: 1

**WARNING: board/ek-tm4c123gxl.cfg is deprecated, please switch to board/ti_ek-tm4c123gxl.cfg**
Error: SRST error
Error: SRST error
target halted due to debug-request, current mode: Thread 
xPSR: 0x01000000 pc: 0x00000630 msp: 0x20008000
** Programming Started **
** Programming Finished **
** Verify Started **
** Verified OK **
** Resetting Target **
Error: SRST error
shutdown command invoked

The TI TIVA platform is special in this regard because its script does not care about setting a custom debug_server.

Other platforms explicitly check for this

The info on which board file to use comes from the board’s JSON manifest

This file is locally in C:\Users\<user>\.platformio\platforms\titiva\boards\lptm4c123gh6pm.json. If you want a global fix you should edit this file with sepct to the -f argument. You should also be filing an issue in Issues · platformio/platform-titiva · GitHub so that it can be fixed at the source.