Debug error message

I’m getting the following error message popup window when I try to invoke JTAG debugging:

“Visual Studio Code, Failed to launch GDB: Error: write EPIPE” with the buttons “Open launch.json” and “Cancel”

Here is my software configuration: Win10, Visual Studio ver. 1.50.1, Platformio core 5.0.1, home 3.30

Here is my hardware configuration: ESP32s connected to an Olimex “ARM-USB-OCD-H”. Both USB drivers appear to be installed correctly. I don’t have anything connected to pins 1 or 2 of the Olimex and the esp32 is powered by a separate USB port. I double-checked the other 5 (plus ground) connections to the ESP32. I’m admittedly new to both Olimex, JTAG, and Platformio. I have programmed my esp32 through a USB connection and seen the serial port output successfully but now I would like to get debugging working. Please help.

Please update the PlatformIO extension to the latest version.

Thanks for the reply. Sorry for the delay in getting back to this issue.