Custom upload protocol


Can anyone help me create a custom upload protocol for the bluepill_F103C8 boards??
I have managed to flash it with the STM32duino bootloader and would like to upload using the mini usb connector onboards instead of an external FT232 adapter.

Now the stm32duino bootloader uses the dfu-util protocol for uploading the firmware. I can confirm the process works manually. It is trivial to install the dfu-util itself. All i need now is some help create the upload_protocol and some configuration options set in platformio.ini to be passed onto the dfu_util.

Thanks in advance!! :slight_smile:

Isn’t the USB for power only on these boards?

Nope… its not just for power. It actually can act as a USB device. they don’t come with the USB firmware flashed. And they have the wrong resistor value for the USB pull up. Stm32duino website has quite a lot of information on these boards. I was forced to migrate to arduino for these boards after mbed made it useless for doing anything on these boards.