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Custom Toolchain installation

Continuing the discussion from Framework cached in build process - how to change it:

I need to install a different version of the toolchain than what is supplied with default installation as there is a bug.

I followed this link

My platformio.ini has this extra entry as below


platform = kendryte210

platform_packages = kendryte-toolchain


platform = kendryte210

framework = kendryte-standalone-sdk-develop

board = sipeed-maix-one-dock

monitor_speed = 115200

I have a new folder under

This one has the tool chain installed in it under the same directory structure as the default tool chain.
I have placed a package.json in this folder which reads as follows

more package.json 

“description”: “RISC-V Kendryte210 GCC toolchain”,
“name”: “kendryte-toolchain”,
“system”: “linux_x86_64”,
“url”: “”,
“version”: “8.2.0”

After this, I deleted my .vscode and did a rebuild intellisense, it is failing with the following message

Error: Processing override_default_toolchain (platform: kendryte210)

Verbose mode can be enabled via -v, --verbose option
Error: BoardConfig: Board is not defined
============================================== [FAILED] Took 1.36 seconds ==============================================

Environment Status Duration

override_default_toolchain FAILED 00:00:01.360
sipeed-maix-one-dock IGNORED
sipeed-maix-go IGNORED
sipeed-maix-bit IGNORED
sipeed-maixduino IGNORED
========================================= 1 failed, 0 succeeded in 00:00:01.360 =========================================

Could you please guide

You have an environment here with no boards. The options in env:XX don’t overwrite things globally. There you must use the special environment env ( or put the options directly in the target environment where all the options, including board, is defined.

Thank you, I modified the platformio.ini as follows

platform = kendryte210
platform_packages = kendryte-toolchain
framework = kendryte-standalone-sdk-develop
board = sipeed-maix-one-dock
monitor_speed = 115200

Removed .vscode, ran build intellisense, ran build target - all working without errors.

But the build is including the default toolchain as well,

Processing sipeed-maix-one-dock-test (platform: kendryte210; framework: kendryte-standalone-sdk-develop; board: sipeed-maix-one-dock)
PACKAGES: toolchain-kendryte210 8.2.0, framework-kendryte-standalone-sdk-develop 0.5.4, kendryte-toolchain 8.2.0
LDF: Library Dependency Finder ->

As you can see in the packages above, toolchain-kendryte210 8.2.0 is ALSO included - this is the default toolchain that came with installation of platformio.

My preference is to use the one under kendryte-toolchain 8.2.0 which appears at the end.

How to remove the default toolchain from this ?

I followed this link

and modified my platformio.ini

platform = kendryte210_dev
platform_packages = kendryte-toolchain
framework = kendryte-standalone-sdk-develop
board = sipeed-maix-one-dock
monitor_speed = 115200

I created a new platform folder kendryte210_dev under


and copied the kendryte210 folder’s content in to it.

in the platform.json in the new folder, I changed the following

"name": "kendryte210_dev",
"packages": {
        "kendryte-toolchain": {
            "type": "toolchain",
            "version": "~8.2.0"

When I rebuild intellisense, I am getting this error

File "/home/krishnak/.platformio/penv/lib/python3.6/site-packages/platformio/managers/", line 253, in newPlatform
AttributeError: module 'platformio.managers.platform.kendryte210_dev' has no attribute 'Kendryte210_devPlatform'

Let me know whether I need to create this new dummy platform to satisfy my needs for using a separate toolchain or is it not needed.

My two approaches as above are not allowing me to build using the toolchain of my choice. Could you please have a look.

I did the following and it seems to be working

  1. No need to create a new platform , as only new toolchain is to be used. the toolchain in the packages folder use a name something like toolchain-kendryte210@8.2.1
3. Copy the package.json from existing toolchain in to the new toolchain folder.
4. Modify the package.json to have a different version number <-- or else both of them seem to appear in the build process
5. Modify platformio.ini to reflect like this


    platform = kendryte210

    platform_packages = toolchain-kendryte210@8.2.1

    framework = kendryte-standalone-sdk-develop

    board = sipeed-maix-one-dock

   monitor_speed = 115200
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