Custom library storage location

I’m on win10 and I installed via vscode using a portable vscode install as specified here. However, pio library storage location (as reported from cli command pio update) is C:\.platformo\lib. For strategic reasons, I’d like to keep the libraries on removable media as well. Is there a setting equivalent to projects_dir? Are there any strategic disadvantages to relocating?

Many thanks in advance


Per documentation

globallib_dir Default: “core_dir/lib”
Global library storage for PlatfrmIO projects and Library Management where Library Dependency Finder (LDF) looks for dependencies.

This option can also be configured by the global environment variable PLATFORMIO_GLOBALLIB_DIR.

And core_dirby default is %HOMEPATH%\.platformio (docs).

Oh, I see, because it’s a project level setting and not a system level setting.


If you set the environment variable as documented it will be system-level.

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Right, but I’m saying it’s separate from projects_dir because it’s not project specific.