Custom Kinetis K24 Processor

I wish to use Kinetis K24 Custom CPU IC for my Project Development. I find only FRDMK64 type Boards alone could be selected to write Code for Flashing… How to add Kinetis K24 Controller IC as processor selection and What support files should be loaded to which Directory ? Is there any step by step procedure available to add New Microcontroller as Device rather than readily available Boards for using platformio for custom application?

PlatformIO Registry has several listed, not only K64’s.

So which exact MCU part number are we talking about first? Just to check if it’s not already there.

For adding a new board (which may also be based on a new MCU) I’d recommend adding a new board JSON file to the boards/ folder of your project. This is generally outlined in Custom Embedded Boards — PlatformIO latest documentation. I’d use another board JSON file (e.g. this one) as a base though and modify it accordingly.

What framework do you want to work with? Mbed-os?