Custom board and platform with no support for Arduino framework

I have a custom board, as well as a custom platform. In the .json file, I have declared no frameworks that are compatible with this board as such:

"frameworks": []

But every time I select my board in the Project Wizard when creating a new project, Arduino will be automatically selected for the Framework. I am not able to remove it. Also, since I don’t have it declared in the board file, so why does it even show up? If i now go ahead and create the new project, it will of course fail because the board does not support the Arduino framework. What can I do that the framework field in the Project Wizard is left empty?

Thanks in advance

If the project wizard auto-fills your board with Arduino even though you haven’t declared it, it’s a bug in the VSCode PIO extension. File a bug at Issues · platformio/platformio-vscode-ide · GitHub.

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