Crossing between Windows and Linux - intellisense killing me

Hey guys,

I just started using PlatformIO with VScode, trying to replace the old Arduino IDE (or more like Sublime + Arduino IDE).

I got pretty much on top of it, managed to convert my ESP code that worked with Arduino IDE to PlatformIO and managed to compile and upload. All good.

However, I’m using two machines for developing: Windows and Linux. The projects are synced with Nextcloud between the two machines.

I’m hitting the wall everything I’m opening VScode on one of the machines.
If I’m opening the Windows machine, and manage to fix all the intellisense includes to work on Windows, it will then won’t work on the linux machine.
If I get the linux machine to work - the Windows machine get stuffed.

I thought I would be able to create two configurations, and indeed deleting c_cpp_properties.json on Windows result in new Win32 configuration created for me, but as soon as I opened the project in linux, it’s overwritten with “PlatformIO” configuration, deleting my working “Win32” one.

Is there a way to make this work?
It’s quite annoying to be honest!