Crippled PIO since the update

Had to create a new thread. Too many notes on the other update complaint.

Now nothing compiles again. When I hit the button, the field at the top opens a box, and compile ultimately fails.


I reinstalled PIO the extension three times, and the button bar came back. It no longer says No Kits. But the last file was built and run successfully a week ago.

Working on WeMos D1 Mini/8266 now.

And then a bunch of notifications came, and I got another update, and now it’s compiling again.
So should I expect this to be like the iPhone, where an update means a week or two of malfunctions?
I can’t imagine getting it right when you’ve got so many inputs. It amazes me when anything works once in a row.
And I’m going to be more annoyed than you if I come back in an hour and say it’s happening again. But that’s not going to happen.

When you hit which exactly button? The task that comes up here is not supplied by PlatformIO. This looks like some extension (or VSCode builtin thing, idk), that directly invokes the compiler on just that C/C++ file. Whatever that invocation does it’s completely wrong (it doesn’t tell the compiler about framework paths, so it can’t even find Arduino.h) and should not be used. The correct build task will call into pio run and let PIO handle the build process – individual compiler invocations are not done directly in VSCode but only through the PIO executable…

I’d recommd to:

  • remove the .vscode folder of the project
  • use the PlatformIO project task “Miscelleneous → Rebuild IntelliSense index” to regenerate these files
  • double check for any conflicting C/C++ extension that might have injected this task there.
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Removed VSCode folder, opened VSCode, opened this file, hit the ‘build’ button:
“command ‘’ not found”

Rebuilt Intellisense index, and the build button did a build.

By the way, I downloaded PIO to my Linux machine and built an old Arduino sketch- back and forth LEDs, light Night Rider.

But it has only 4GB RAM, and it’s way too slow. (1TB HD)
My Win10 PC only has 4GB Ram too, but it’s really quick. (2TB)

Ordered memory this morning. I won’t try to use the Linux machine until it gets the new RAM.

Alright problem solved then