Crazy weird ESP Now behavior- inconsistent

I’ve posted a few times about this, but I keep learning new things.

I put this ESP Now project away last April, but it didn’t work at all when I dusted it off.

The senders appeared to be working, sending successfully but not delivering. I got good sensor data from serial output.

The receiver would ‘work’ a few times, then gibberish serial output happened. I could unplug and replug and get gibberish.

This morning, PIO serial showed me gibberish, but Termite shows sane output.

I’d upload the receiver program again, and it would work- the serial output was correct. But none of the sender data was being reported. All the variables were = 0.
And then it would go to gibberish. This went on for a few weeks.

Without changing any code, the receiver started receiving yesterday. I got it to receive from both the R32 and the WeMos/32 Mini.
But the webserver still isn’t working. It’s giving me an IP address, but the page won’t load.
And the temperature is 140,000 degrees. That’s not right. Sender said ~15C.

This morning, I plugged in the receiver (R32) , and it’s working okay. I feel like I’ve posted the code too many times, but I really need that webserver to work.

Does anybody think they might be able to see a problem in webserver code?

Can you imagine why the receiver is reporting some data wildly, changing ‘19’ to ‘140,000’ while almost everything else appears right?

And it’s reporting a 1m altitude as 105,000, derived from pressure. (sender says 36m.) I am at a few feet above sea level.

With ESPNOW you can send a structured message from one node to another using MAC addressing. You don’t need to expose your network credentials in source code on your PC and various MCUs. I believe this improves security. I don’t know that ESPNOW and Webserver can be used at the same time.

Oh man, when it works it’s awesome.
I don’t know C++, but I know HTML, so I was able to add a lot of sensors to RandomNerd’s dashboard. Telemetry. Love it.

Now it’s giving me the IP address, but the page is not displayed.