Couldn't find Definition for CTE transmit and enable command for Connectionless AoA/AoD implementation in Zephyr

i am trying to implement AoA in nrf52833 in PlatformIO, the board is added. And i couldn’t find macro definition for LE Set Connectionless CTE Transmit Parameters command and LE Set Connectionless CTE Transmit Enable command in the …platformio\packages\framework-zephyr\include\bluetooth\hci.h

Where it will be available?

What file content should be there? Is it included in newer Zephyr versions?

taken from hci.h file

To establish Connectionless AoA/AoD- Advertising
the procedure to configure host in the ADVERTISING DEVICE side and corresponding macro definition in the hci.h file

  1. Configure extended advertising-BT_HCI_OP_LE_SET_EXT_ADV_PARAM

  2. Configure periodic advertising- BT_HCI_OP_LE_SET_PER_ADV_PARAM

  3. Configure CTE transmission - not defined

  4. Enable CTE advertising - not defined

  5. Enable periodic advertising - BT_HCI_OP_LE_SET_PER_ADV_ENABLE

  6. Enable extended advertising - BT_HCI_OP_LE_SET_EXT_ADV_ENABLE

  7. Set the advertising data - BT_HCI_OP_LE_SET_PER_ADV_DATA

I think it is not ! or may be , but i have searched for it. Could not get it.

So it seems that you’re searching for functionality in Zephyr’s Bluetooth / BLE stack which isn’t there. Its stack seems to have originally come from Intel

I think it’s best to ask the developers at Zephyr regarding that functionality you want to have (Issues · zephyrproject-rtos/zephyr · GitHub).

Is it required to get some example to compile or is this experimental functionality you want to have?

Ok I ll ask them,

It is required for my project. We want to develop RTLS and Proximity /assert tracking using this nrf52833 board