Confusing mbed versions

On Teensy the actual platform for bed is 4.157
For STM32, NXP it is 4.50701.0
This is very confusing.
The last mbed version is 5.7.4

Fixed in the latest Teensy 3.0.0 dev/platform.

I assume that 4.50701.0 means version 5.7.1?
For me the new numbering is confusing.

5.7.3. We have not tested 5.7.4 yet. Will be updated soon.

I think the numbering should follow the original version numbers.
The teensy arduino frame work is a good example, 1.141.0 is
more clearer, but a numbering like “v141” without any point numbers
will help us for clearing problems. Especial with mbed, the version number
is important to identify problems.

We can’t because we pack original sources with our additions which could be changed any time without modifications to original source files.