Configuring PIO for multiple project folders

Hi, I would like to configure PIO to use more than one project folder if possible.

Prior to using PIO with VSCode, I used arduino IDE and all my arduino projects are stored in github local repos in a folder - C:\arduino_projects:


Now, using PIO, I have created lots of development projects and they reside in c:\Users\Paul\Documents\PlatformIO\Projects

So my question is can I use both of the above places seamlessly without change to PIO configuration, or do I need to change something?

Alternatively, should I just pick up the C:\Arduino_Projects folder and place it in the PIO Projects folder? If that’s the best solution will it foul up the local github structure?

Thanks for any advice on the best way forward on this. I did try reading some of the PIO documentation but didn’t find anything specific.

ps it would be helpful to have a more prominent link to help on the PIO home page.

I cloned the repo into PIO Projects and did it that way.
Thanks anyway,