Compile error when trying to use the AsyncTCP library

hello good afternoon, could anyone help me ?, I have the following error when trying to use the AsyncTCP library in a project with esp32;

.piolibdeps \ AsyncTCP \ src \ AsyncTCP.cpp: 201: 141: error: ‘xTaskCreateUniversal’ was not declared in this scope.

Thank you.

The root problem is AsyncTCP 1.1.0 introduced changes requiring stuff added in the arduino esp32 core 1.0.2. PlatformIO supports arduino-esp32 1.0.2 as of platform-espressif32 1.8.0, so you can either run a platformio update to ensure all your platform files and libraries are up to date, or you can update the platformio.ini for your project and change the platform = espressif32 to platform = espressif32@>1.8.0 and platformio will ensure the needed platform version is used.

Alternately, you can ensure that only a pre 1.1.0 version of AsyncTCP is used, similar to the esphome project, by putting

lib_deps =

in your platformio.ini

thank you

I did what he told me and it worked very well

thanks again

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