Cheap board with wifi bluetooth and embedded debug

Can anyone recommend a board that has Wifi Bluetooth, and Embedded debug?
Ideally 32-bit. Ideally <= $15.

We’re planning to use this in high schools and in a university embedded systems / IoT class, so we want to buy in bulk.

The BBC Microbit seems to be the closest but no WiFi.
I went through platformio’s board list but nothing stood out.

“Embedded Debugging” meaning actual line-by-line JTAG debugging or just UART output? With just UART output pretty much all the ESP32 (WiFi + BLE + Bluetooth Classic) boards fit the bill which are available on AliExpress for mostly under $5.

Since the ESP32 can be debugged with an external JTAG module (chips e.g. FT2232HL), you can additionally buy a e.g. ESP-PROG which retails for $12 on digikey, so it’s pretty close.

I’m not aware of a cheap ESP32 board with an on-board JTAG debugging chip, other than some Espressif Demo boards like the “Espressif ESP-WROVER-KIT” which costs $40.

I meant an integrated on-board EDBG line by line debugging with breakpoints.

Yeah then you’ll need an external adapter. Or a different board.

The ATWINC3400 is also a BLE + WiFi µController, but the starter kit with debug are a bit pricy. I don’t know of any other BLE + WiFi µCs out of my head.